The magic of Christmas at the Gambrinus

Gran Caffè Gambrinus has always had a special bond with Christmas. In addition to a strong party spirit that is breathed in this place, it is impossible not to be captured even by the intense scent of sweets typical of the Campania tradition that you can taste here.

The highest expression of the Gambrinus confectionery takes place precisely in these occasions, when the desserts are made respecting the traditional recipes, the unique and inimitable ones.

Atmosphere, perfumes, sweets, but not only also many concrete initiatives, have seen the Gambrinus absolute protagonist of Christmas in recent years, initiatives that have strengthened in time even more this important link.

Last year, for example, Gambrinus donated to the city of Naples a majestic tree installed then inside the Umberto I Gallery.

This year, instead, a very special and unique tree was created, which aims to offer a great tribute to the Neapolitan song, known all over the world.

Christmas 2018 at the Gambrinus

Inaugurated on December 8th 2018, the Gambrinus Christmas tree was conceived by Gianni Simioli with the collaboration of the graphic designer Luca Coppola “Starlet”, of the technical production of the Jesce Sole and the members of the Bideri foundation.

The tree was conceived as a great tribute to the artists who made the Neapolitan song great, a tangible symbol to fully enhance the city and those who made it famous all over the world.

The original tree boasts a height of eight meters and is composed of about 40 decorations all depicting the faces of Neapolitan artists. A true work of pop art that gives great prestige to the city of Naples and its great artists that you can admire a few steps from the cafeteria.

A truly spectacular and unique tree that makes the strong bond of Gambrinus for Christmas even more tangible.