The Befana in Naples

“The Befana comes at night, with shoes all broken, with patches to the skirt, live the Befana alive“. So recites an ancient nursery rhyme for children to tell the advent of a character really sui generis that closes beauty and goodness in this long cycle of parties. So loved and at the same time so feared by children, the befana accompanies her appearance that reminds that of a witch, continues to maintain over time its controversial charm in the hearts of children.

In all Italian cities, the Advent of the Befana is a moment of celebration and joy, a day spent in the family. Even Naples is ready to do its part and as every year in the city we find many events not to be missed to spend this day as special as you want.

A week of magic

The truly evocative atmosphere that precedes the arrival of this event, in the city is palpable especially starting from the stroke of the new year. Dealers, bars, kiosks throughout the city and its provinces, begin a massive display of socks (symbol of this party) to be filled with many delicacies at the most competitive prices, a sort of “battle” that is fought at sound of sweets. Difficult not to be tempted.

But the real magic happens on the evening of 5 January in the Piazza Mercato area, where it is right here that you can fully breathe the true sense of the party. Having become a symbol of the night of the Befana, Neapolitans and tourists from all over the world do not miss this characteristic appointment, where the square for the occasion is filled with street vendors that display their sweets, toys, garments clothing, objects and much more, becoming the perfect place to end last-minute deals.

What to do in the city

On 6 January, the city is filled with events that can be attended. Here are some proposals to really consider

Let’s start by mentioning the appointment to be held in the beautiful Piazza Plebiscito, where the Epiphany is celebrated with the usual tradition that provides for the distribution of gifts and sweets for all children and many surprises. Also on the seafront, closed to traffic, there will be street artists and jugglers who will entertain those present.

If you love the theater then do not miss the chance to attend the free show of Guarattelle for the Befana 2019, starting from 11.00 to 13.00, in Largo San Martino in Naples. If you are in Piazza V. Emanuele III from 10.00 until at 1.00 pm you will be able to attend a lively and exciting animation for children. Finally, if you love chocolate, do not miss an event full of flavor that will be held in Città  della Scienza where, in addition to scientific animation, workshops and tasting of traditional sweets, you can watch the creation of live chocolates by master chocolatiers of Perugina.

Whatever you decide to do, do it, have fun and treat yourself to the last moments of relaxation, because you know with the Epiphany all the holidays go away!