Pomegranate juice, a true elixir of life!

by Simona Vitagliano

There are natural ingredients that are truly famous not only for their colors and flavors, but also because of the amount of benefits they can bring to our body – and, consequently, on our mood – through the good habit of consuming them regularly.

Among these, certainly the pomegranate, with its scrupulous and succulent grains and its intense and particular taste.

The plant

There are many false myths that revolve around this fruit: first, the correct name would be “pomegranate”, since the pomegranate is the tree from which it is generated.

Furthermore, there is a second species of this plant, typical of the areas located around the Indian Ocean, with red and pink flowers and less sweet fruits than we know: there are, however, different varieties of cultivation of which the most known in Italy is just the “horse tooth” one that is more suited to our climate and more resistant to cold, offering us those bright red grains, almost “sanguine”, and a rather sweet taste, far from those heavy acidulous notes that can be found in other varieties.

The pomegranate has been cultivated for many millennia and accompanies the history of man, therefore, from time immemorial: its origins fall very far from the Belpaese (between Iran and northern India) but it is present in our Mediterranean scrub since centuries ancient.

Autumn fruit par excellence, the pomegranate ripens, in fact, right between October and November and we are used to finding it in wicker baskets on seasonal tables and in the ingredients of many desserts that are prepared in this period.

And if we told you that in squeezed format it is even better and healthy?

Drink or elixir?

Making a pomegranate juice is very simple: just remove the outer crown (opposite to the petiole), cut it in half and press the two parts on a citrus squeezer (manual or electric) in order to preserve the juice free from the remaining seeds, in this way, trapped (at least roughly) in the separation grid. There is no need to add any other ingredient because the drink is already perfect and so sweet, but there are those who appreciate some fresh mint leaves that give an extra note of flavor.

Tastiness aside, there is much more worth knowing about this whole health drink: in fact, it is a drink with low caloric intake, almost completely free from lipids and proteins, with few fibers and zero cholesterol, lactose and gluten, perfect for most diets (vegan, vegetarian, raw food, intolerant etc) and considered very useful for those affected by so-called “replacement diseases” (hypercholesterolemia, cholesterol, hypertension etc) or heart disease; this thanks to the remarkable content in antioxidants that also have a fundamental role in the health of the body and the skin, fighting free radicals and the signs of aging.

Furthermore, ellagic acid helps to prevent the onset of Tenia Solium (more commonly known as “solitary worm”), contrasts the appearance and multiplication of cancer cells (a work largely dealt with by Vitamin C together with flavonoids ), and the onset of various types of tumors, such as those to the lungs, the prostrate, the breast and the skin.

Moreover, just like carrots, it fights the harmful action of UV rays, promotes a healthy tan and protects, according to some studies, even the liver, being also capable of a regenerating action for kidneys, cardiovascular system, good cholesterol in the blood and arteries, contrasting their thickening and relative formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

And it’s not over! The pure juice, in fact, is a bitter enemy of tooth decay so it finds itself taking care of the oral cavity and, in particular, of the teeth, performing a protective function also on the gastric mucosa.

In short, in just a few minutes you can really make an important contribution to our health: if you want to experience its benefits, simply insert this fruit in a more regular way in your diet, also incorporating it in meat-based recipes that know how to make the most of it to be better flavored and characterized.

Do you fancy a fresh pomegranate juice, sweet and ready to be enjoyed?
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