S.O.S Gambrinus: prompt intervention for sweets and coffee!

When in danger, the SOS signal is the universal abbreviation that indicates a request for help. A request for help may be necessary on many occasions when you are in difficulty. But we do not think about the difficulties related only to matters of real danger, there are in fact requests for help that may belong to the daily sphere such as simply not knowing how to fulfill some household tasks.

What we want to talk about this week, is one of the most common difficulties especially in the younger generation or that of not knowing how to cook and especially that of not being able to prepare sweets, and not only that of preparing coffee.

If the art of pastry is something very complex and to which not everyone is accustomed, even preparing a good coffee is not for less, in fact there are those who prepare it “too much”, almost like a strange herbal tea, far from the Neapolitan coffee restricted and full of an intense aroma that pervades the house, there are those who burn it, in short, the disasters in the kitchen can be around the corner.

A good idea!

To remedy this situation, Michele Sergio, the “Coffee Boss” of the historic Gran Caffè Gambrinus, and to respond to the requests for help of his numerous and greedy followers, has created a project that is not only innovative but very nice and useful. help those with great difficulties in the kitchen.

The project is called SOS Gambrinus, ready for sweets and coffee and is already enjoying great success.

But how does this service work? Let’s find out together.

It all starts with a request for help from the customer in difficulty, which must arrive through the creation of a video message sent to the number 339.853.03.44 in which we must tell about the difficulties in making sweets typical of the Campania tradition and their own criticality in the preparation of the perfect Neapolitan coffee.

At this point, once the message is received, the Gambrinus Operative Unit is ready to answer and organize an appointment at home, where the master pastry chef Stefano Avellano comes to the rescue of the aspiring and willing chef. In addition to Stefano Avellano who will take care of the pastry, there will be Michele Sergio in person who will help you in the preparation of coffee and all the secrets that its realization requires.

A service that is really useful and at the same time creative in which everyone can try his hand at the art of pastry making and create real culinary masterpieces but above all become able coffee makers to envy your grandmothers.

So, dear Neapolitan beginners, no more excuses is the time to overcome your limits with SOS Gambrinus.