Pizza alla pan: the goodness of Turin origin

A mini pizza with a crunchy edge and a soft dough, enriched by a triumph of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, this is the delicious pizza with a pan, a reinterpretation of the classic Neapolitan pizza. The pizza alla pan is one of the most sought after dishes of all time and above all very appreciated. Each Italian region has its own personal recipe and wherever you eat it you can notice and taste details of always different preparation.

The origins
The origins of this pizza are a bit controversial. Although it was made for the first time in northern Italy, precisely in Turin after World War II, it seems that the maker of this pizza was just an emigrant from southern Italy.

According to the culinary tradition of this dish, to have the intuition was a southern chef, transplanted in the Piedmontese capital, which to adapt to the frenetic rhythms of the city without giving up the goodness of the pizza decided to prepare an already seasoned and to put it in a pan monopodtion .

The cooking times of this new dish were very fast just like those of the city. The result? A really exceptional a small pizza whose recipe is handed down over time.

Fried pizza with Gambrinus
Even at the Gran Caffè Gambrinus, you can find the very special fried pizza. Ideal for fleeting lunches or to accompany simple and tasty aperitifs, this pizza is one of the excellence of Gambrinus to try absolutely.