Lemon delight: refined sweetness

Soft sponge cake with a delicate taste and the unmistakable aroma of the lemons of the Sorrento peninsula, dome shape, these are some of the characteristics that make up a very special cake, which is part of the Neapolitan tradition, we are talking about lemon delight.

A sweet young and winning

The lemon delight is a relatively young dessert, it was made for the first time by master pastry chef Carmine Marzuillo in 1978 who presented it to a culinary competition in Formia. The recipe that sees the use of Sorrento lemons as protagonist, was so successful that this cake was awarded a medal of honor.

The goodness of the lemon delight was not long in going around the world, pastry chefs over the ocean in fact began to reach the Sorrento peninsula and become students of Marzuillo, to learn all the secrets of this wonderful recipe that now the whole world knows.

Lemon delight today

From that moment on, the lemon delight has become the true symbol of the Sorrento peninsula. Many confectioners while maintaining the same recipe have over time personalized some ingredients to give this cake an extra touch. Just as did the culinary genius Salvatore de Riso who chose for its realization precisely the lemons of Amalfi that unlike many others in the area have a sweeter and less sour taste.

Today, the lemon delight is a must for Neapolitan pastry and a curiosity about all: it is also the most chosen dessert for making wedding cakes for its refinement in taste and shape. The lemon delight is in fact a delight for the eyes and the palate.