Milk and matcha: the trendiest drink among the stars

by Simona Vitagliano

He is among the stars of Hollywood and is the protagonist of many shots on social media: the milk and matcha drink is, by now, super trendy and, considering its taste and its benefits for our body, can only do it pleasure!

Matcha: a special tea

Matcha is a variety of green tea originating in China (but also widely used in Japan as a spice or natural coloring) obtained from steamed leaves, dried, dried and reduced to powder: it can also be added to water for a drink more “pure” but the trends of the moment want it mixed together with milk, be it vegetable or animal, depending on tastes and needs.

It is a plant that entered the Chinese tradition right from the time of the Tang dynasty (between 618 and 907), when its leaves were steamed and pressed to prepare a delicious tea that was also seasoned with salt; this recipe began to change with the Song dynasty but took its current connotations defining itself through the Buddhist chan ritual, until it entered the etiquette for the traditional tea ceremonies that take place in the East.

The perfect substitute for cappuccino

The proposed milk and matcha has become a perfect substitute for cappuccino in the morning, as it provides all the energy needed to face the day, but also an excellent option for a quick break that sets the pace for resuming the daily chores: the matcha, in fact, it contains caffeine and theine, which offer a pleasant and healthy stimulating action, just like the espresso that many of us have been used to for generations.

This special tea, however, is also rich in antioxidants, so it is an ally of youth and health thanks to a significant amount of vitamin C (6 times higher than lemon!), Vitamin A, beta-carotene, polyphenols and mineral salts (calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, potassium and others), these last accomplices, moreover, of an important invigorating action. But there is even more: the matcha, in fact, is also a detox thanks to its diuretic and draining properties, so it even helps to maintain the line and is an excellent adjuvant in the diet.

How to prepare milk and matcha

Since it is not yet easy to find available in bars and cafeterias this drink with the flavors of the East, it may be useful to know how to prepare it; the process, after all, is easy and fast!

In fact, milk and matcha can be eaten cold, during the warmer seasons, and boiling in winter; just pour into the blender, together with half a teaspoon of matcha powder:

25 ml of water and 80 ml of milk (vegetable or animal), both at the desired temperature;
100 ml of water only.

To flavor, then, you can also accompany everything with a sprinkling of cocoa, aromatic cinnamon or sweet vanilla.

The Gambrinus is also experimenting with a revisiting of its own to propose to the public in the near future!

Curious to taste it?