How to spend the August holiday in Naples.

We are in August it is time for sea and holidays. But let’s face it, not everyone is lucky enough to be on vacation, there are those who still work and will do it for much longer. Our city even in the summer, however, manages to “pamper” who for one reason or another will not leave, offering wonderful ideas and ideas on how to spend this August in the city and especially the mid-August.

Events of all kinds have always been organized to satisfy citizens and tourists. The city therefore lives and continues to shine with its own light and to be honest, talking to those who remain, Naples becomes even more magical and livable.

Let’s find out together some not-to-be-missed events for the mid-August and some advice on what to do in the city:

In the morning at the Museums

To spend an unforgettable holiday, we suggest you become a tourist of your city. On this particular day, the most impressive museums will be open to the public from morning until afternoon. Castel Sant’Elmo, Certosa di San Martino, the National Museum, Pignatelli Museum, the Mother, “Palazzo Zevallos di Stigliano”, and many others still ready to be visited to discover the history of the Neapolitan capital. Surely an original way to spend the day of August 15th.

A break at the Gambrinus

After all this walking around the city to see museums, it’s time to enjoy a break of taste and relaxation. Our personal advice? Choose to eat an ice cream sitting at the historic tables of the Gran Caffè Gambrinus, the refreshment break is practically assured.

The night to dance

Are you lovers of popular music, songs and breathtaking scenery? So do not miss the appointment at the Rotonda Diaz, where you can watch the night of Tammorra, to spend a magical night of music and entertainment.

Fires on the waterfront

To end the day, always on the waterfront do not miss the long-awaited appointment of the fireworks show, in via Partenope, at 11.00 pm where the city lights up for the occasion thanks to very suggestive play of light.