History and origins of Panettone

The origins of desserts, they always have something special. Behind every recipe, every preparation there is always a story full of details and curiosities, often made of errors and randomness but that make the sweet you want to know more carefully.

It is no exception, the story linked to the origins of the panettone, the Christmas cake par excellence, a sweet that divides (there are those who love the classic variant, the modern one) but at the same time combines, because without the panettone on the table it is Christmas.

A compelling story

There is no single story regarding the birth of panettone, many stories are in circulation and yet the most reliable seems to be precisely that linked to the figure of the kitchen stew Toni who worked at the court of Duke Ludovico.

We are in Milan, according to this legend during a luxurious banquet on December 24th the whole court is gathered to celebrate Christmas Eve, when inside the kitchens, a distracted chef, from too much work burns the cake that all the diners are waiting for to taste anxiously.

Therefore no dessert will be served. From here begins to spread the panic in the kitchen, because the punishment of the Duke is thought to be tremendous. At this point the kitchen boy Toni intervenes, showing the dessert he prepared with the leftovers of what was to be served, to which he added eggs, sugar, raisins and candied citron. We therefore choose to serve this as a dessert rather than nothing. The result? A resounding success for all the diners, who consecrates the pan of Toni (then become panettone) as the sweet symbol of Christmas.

Panettone from Gambrinus

Inside the Gambrinus confectionery laboratories, of course, the Christmas cake par excellence could not be missing, the panettone made in the traditional variations up to the new experiments that see the chocolate creams, the pistachio ones and much more.

Among the many innovations of recent times, today there is the one that concerns the possibility to choose your own strictly homemade panettone, not only going directly into the cafeteria but also sitting comfortably at home, with clicks.

The Gambrinus in fact gives the possibility to order through their website the products that most desire including Christmas sweets. A real panacea for those who have little time and want to optimize their shopping.